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Did you break your key or lock yourself out?

What a misfortune, however, should not turn into a tragedy!

Fair locksmith service for you with the fastest service

locksmith, fitter opening a door
Key service opens doors

✔15-30 min Directions
✔Festpreis from location
✔EC /Cash
payment ✔Notdienst

Door opening by key service,

Fair prices, door opening by professionals, no overpriced laymen!

*Door opening Free of charge possible, we deliver the opening tool

You only pay for the arrival/departure.

Car opening from 99,-

locksmith on the car, car opening
Car opening by locksmith

✔15-30 min Directions
✔Festpreis from location
✔EC /Cash
payment ✔Notdienst

Key is in the trunk and your car has locked in Berlin?

Don’t break the window, we have a solution for you.

Fair locksmith with the fastest locksmith service

Safe opening from 129,-

safe, opening - locksmith
Vault openings

✔15-30 min Directions
✔Festpreis from location
✔EC /Cash
payment ✔Notdienst

The professionals can open safes of any kind for you with ease!

Their valuable contents will remain undamaged and in full working order in Berlin,


Fastest service from Fairer Schlüsseldienst

Locksmith services:

Order a locksmith in Berlin? – as easy as never before

Let us know your address:

Fair key service Berlin with the key service also as emergency service!

services: Door opening and car opening by yourself.

Write the order to the locksmith / Write the order.

Burglary protection from key service

multiple locking, maintenance of key service
Burglary protection and maintenance

How can you protect yourself against a break-in?

We from the locksmith service will be pleased to inform you about the topic of burglary protection:

Prevent repeated break-ins or even attempted break-ins. In our experience, many doors in Berlin are equipped with very simple fittings and locking cylinders of the wrong size.

This makes it very easy for burglars to get in/out quickly with a single screwdriver or pliers. minutes with a single screwdriver or pliers.

A defect in the multiple locking system or you would like us to carry out a preventive maintenance? We at Schlüsseldienst will be happy to advise you: What preventive maintenance is all about. Such a complex structure of the „burglar-proof“ multiple locking system requires maintenance!

Installation of spare parts exclusively from German origin/manufacture. Sustainability has priority here!

Fitters as locksmith professionals will be happy to advise you in detail on site in Berlin on the subject of security technology.

Risk of break-in due to loss of keys

Lost your keys? First call your landlord and ask for a replacement key.

Otherwise, we will be happy to help you: Schlüsseldienst Berlin

If you want to minimise the risk of burglary after losing a key, we recommend that you act quickly and replace the locking cylinder on the same day,

 this and more is available from us at any time at fair prices

If it is still unclear whether the key is in the apartment, the locksmith Berlin will of course prefer damage-free opening,

the replacement of the locking cylinder is unnecessary and you save the costs of the locksmith service.

May my landlord have a duplicate key to my apartment?

This question is best answered personally.

Qualified key service professionals at work

Many providers in this industry in Berlin have insufficient know-how or have no qualifications at all.

The choice of a locksmith that you make depends on both the price and your security.

From experience we can tell you with certainty that a layman can cause a lot of damage to your door or car.

What exactly does break down after a layman has done the work?

We process orders or complaints of the above mentioned laymen twice a week. Often the door is so much impaired in its function or optical condition after an intervention of an inexperienced person,

that it no longer provides security. It is then recommended to change it and costs are incurred.

Especially unnecessary locksmith costs.

There are other ways, because with us you are on the safe side. The quality of the fitters in Berlin is probably best proven by customer reviews.

Key service costs

What may locksmith costs?

Respectable partner companies will try to find the most cost-effective way for the client within any form of lock, locking systems and door opening.

Since a door that has fallen shut is not a rare misfortune, the key emergency service has years of experience with hundreds of doors –

so it is almost always cases that the locksmith has seen in this way or in this way.

The times when an accidentally locked door hindered the complete day planning are over – thanks to the door opening from the –

Schlüsseldienst Berlin Neuköln, Spandau or an additional district and the corresponding experience

What do you use in Berlin?

Simple lock change, an innovative profile cylinder lock. Innovative access because the old identifiers are in the wrong hands or lost?

This is done very quickly at the Berlin locksmith service, our workshop vehicle has all conceivable different cylinder lengths on board.

We can be on site within 20-30 minutes in case of emergency

Our locksmith service with mobile equipment is ready for every occasion.

Security precautions of key service for Berlin

Where and when are thieves active?

Every two minutes a burglary attempt takes place in Germany, which means that more than a third of all burglary attempts remain truly within burglary limits.

The most important reason for this: mechanical safety construction. The additional elements increase the security in case of burglary of your special four

Walls effectively – doors and windows are no longer easy to pry open by Schlüsseldienst Berlin.

If it should be that a thief fails after some moments, he prefers to move on.

The deterrent effect of many ABUS key service product chains also ensures that the perpetrator is highly likely to move on to the next object.

Those who are not successful after a short time often give up. The investment in good security against burglaries, e.g. at Schlüsseldienst Berlin, is therefore worthwhile.

With unsecured windows and doors, a conventional screwdriver is sufficient several times to open them in a few moments.

The main targets of the thieves are, according to evaluations of the law enforcement officers, windows and balcony doors, single-family homes, apartment buildings, the perpetrators come with the help of the entrance door.

The myth of smashed window panes dates back to the time when single glazing was still the standard.

Provision of key service for Berlin in case of emergency

After the work is done, the fitter will be happy to advise you. Did you know about,

that even if there is an access point in the lock on the other side, the special locking cylinder and the locking system with emergency function can be unlocked?

If you have any questions about this service, please contact the locksmith number (shown below) – even if there is no emergency, the service will be happy to assist you!

So in case of emergency you know that we will provide you with a locksmith and contact person on standby.

Need quick help? An emergency?
Our central emergency call Berlin is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All service providers are specialists in their field and thus open 99% of all locks within a short time without damage.

Since we only work with local partners, you can get cheap and reliable help within 15-40 minutes.

No matter if you are in Charlottenburg, Friedrichshain, Reinickendorf, Schöneberg, Tempelhof, Prenzlauer Berg or Kreuzberg,

the experts will help you in all districts of Berlin.

Locksmith service areas of application in Berlin

The range of use of Schlüsseldienst covers all districts in Berlin.

and looks like this: Charlottenburg – Wilmersdorf [Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf Westend Schmargendorf Grunewald Halensee],

Berlin-Friedrichshain – Kreuzberg Berlin-Mitte [Mitte Hansaviertel Moabit Tiergarten Wedding Gesundbrunnen].

Berlin-Neukölln [Neukölln Britz Buckow Rudow Gropiusstadt] Berlin-Tempelhof

Schöneberg [Tempelhof Schöneberg Friedenau Mariendorf Marienfelde Lichtenrade]

Berlin-Treptow [Treptow Plänterwald Tree Nursery Trail Schöneweide Adlershof Johannisthal Altglienicke Bohnsdorf Grünau Köpenick].

Locksmith for Pankow [Pankow Prenzlauer Berg Weißensee Heinersdorf Niederschönhausen Blankenburg Rosenthal Locksmith with

fixed price Karow Blankenfelde Buchholz book]

Lichtenberg [Lichtenberg fairground castle Friedrichsfelde Karlshorst Fennpfuhl

Hohenschönhausen Malchow Wartenberg Falkenberg] Steglitz – Zehlendorf [Steglitz Zehlendorf Lankwitz Lichterfelde Dahlem Nikolassee Wannsee].

Reinickendorf [Reinickendorf Tegel Wittenau Konradshöhe Heiligensee

Fohnau Hermsdorf Waidmannslust Märkisches Viertel Lübars] Spandau [Spandau Siemensstadt Haselhorst

Locksmith Cheap for Wilhelmstadt Gatow Hakenfelde Falkenhagener Feld Staaken Kladow]. Marzahn

Hellersdorf [Biesdorf Kaulsdorf Mahlsdorf] …

Services in the field of locking technology in Marzahn. Delivery and assembly of locks.

Locking systems, safes etc. in Spandau, especially the service in Charlottenburg of opening doors for customers,

who would like to get into their house or apartment on Falkenberg

and have lost the door key or have been locked out by a slammed door.

We operate an unlocking service, key emergency service, lock service or emergency opening service around Tempelhof. In 95% of the cases a locksmith can open a door without damage in the vicinity.

To do this, he sometimes uses the same unlocking tool as burglars, e.g. a lock pick. Fair Schlüsseldienst Berlin does not only open doors in my neighbourhood.

Their range of use in the area of emergency openings in Neuss has expanded over time and now also extends to vehicles of all makes in Meerbusch, as well as to safes of all kinds in the city of Düsseldorf.

There are very few locksmiths who can open a non-destructive safe, we are the few.

In addition to the non-destructive safe opening there is also the forced opening, and the safe opening by means of a drilled hole.

What makes us so special.

We, a company, a family, one key…

-service intermediaries with experience for over 20 years in the industry.
Our target group is the „natural“ everyday locksmith customer, who has spontaneously and unexpectedly got
into an unpleasant situation of opening the door.
One who needs help and cannot afford any more surprises.
For such a customer we are ready to break off our slackness to help him out of the jam in Berlin. Here is the official homepage of the city – News about Berlin.
A lock concept

Multiple locking by the locksmith

Multiple locking system as security lock consisting of at least three bolts,

the main latch in the middle and two additional locking hooks above and below.

Reinforced frames for the above-mentioned bolts provide strong anchoring of the door.

Key service says, burglary protection here is more given than at an apartment door without triple lock.

Key service: further development of this

Is the so-called self-locking lock.

This equipment ensures that the door is always locked (even if only closed), but unlocked by operating the inner door handle (panic function in case of fire).

R. Schnitzler:


January 9, 2020 at 23:58

Got my door open by myself. Only
pays for the ride in and out,

indeed Fair locksmithing
Thanks for bringing the tools



January 28, 2020 at 10:44

Hello for the first time,
I can also confirm that this provider keeps his promises.

Waiting time did not last 25 minutes.
Door was open in a few minutes.
Payment with EC, very comfortable, before that 2 years ago I had to go to the bank… price/performance top. Thank you very much



February 12, 2020 at 11:19

Procedure exactly as promised.
Mechanic was quickly on site

Door opening without any damage
Beneficially got away

We thank

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